I didn’t say that. Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji did. He also composed this in his spare time:


I can’t make the above pic come out clearly. Maybe I’ll do that later. Point is… is that it looks complicated. It’s like Islamic calligraphy. How they just write the Arabic so intricately but it looks so complicated you wonder, “what sura is that, I can’t read it”. Then you realize it just says Allah. Or maybe that’s just happens to me.

If you get a chance you should look up Sorabji’s picture. When he was younger, his hair looked like my friend Khwaja’s does now (even though his head is shaved but if it grew out I would imagine it to look like this). In Sorabji’s older pics he looks like a desi Einstein. Well he was only half desi, his father was a Parsi. Which reminds me, I’m looking for my long lost Parsi relatives. If you’re reading this please email me. You will know you are my cousin if you ever had an Uncle Adolphus.

Now that that’s taken care of. I’m listening to the Rach 3 right now. I can actually play it.* Check out Rachmaninov’s hands. He’s said to have the longest/largest hands of any pianist.


I’m kind of obsessed with people’s hand’s spans. I have pretty large hands myself. You can view them on my about page. Ameer thinks it looks like I’m getting handcuffed, but no… I’m getting married. HA!

*the first 25 or some notes that is.