I see you.


You know you are out there. In fact, you are probably reading this right now. YOU ARE THE NON-COMMENTATOR. No, don’t look behind you. It’s you and you know it’s you. You creep onto various blogs online. Lurking, reading, waiting for god knows what. You slither in and then you silently slither out.

But I know you’re there. Reading, thinking you’re anonymous behind your computer screen. But alas, you are not because I know how many hits my site gets. And frankly, with that number in mind I should really be getting more comments.

So next time, don’t tell me on the phone, don’t look at me in the eye in person and tell me you’ve been on my site. That’s what the comments box is for. Leave a comment! I am dead to you outside this blog.

On a side note – I think I am going into labor.

On a side to that side – if this is you:


or you are familiar with the Kalasha people of Pakistan. Please email me, I am investigating you.