Traipsed Upon the Past


It is 2016. By happenstance, I came upon this place where I used to write. I didn’t realize it was still here.

The links in my blogroll are dead. Those that used to comment, most of them I haven’t spoken to in years. I don’t even know if there is an audience for what I am writing now. But, I feel the need to write an update to, if blogs were living, moving things, what would seem like an unfinished life. No. I am still here.

My boy is now a ten year old kid. Still my boy. I live three thousand miles from where I used to live when last I wrote on here. My mother became disabled and I look after her now. Life became pretty weird.

But I’m still here. Maybe I will come back to write to… whomever you are out there.

One Response to “Traipsed Upon the Past”

  1. Whoa buddy! We need to talk more often I seeud83dude09 Come on

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