Definition:   the hobby of watching trains and noting their serial numbers, usu. for long periods of time; by extension, any hobby or obsession with a trivial pursuit; also written train-spotting

We don’t note their serial numbers. We just spot trains. And really just trains using a certain railway path.

We do this on Saturday mornings. I just started this with him. He loves trains. I even bought us two nice pairs of rain boots. To get to the tracks, we have to cross some thick weed and grass. Being in the north now, I figured we might encounter some strange creatures in the grass. So I bought us rain boots. His are light blue, with dogs on them carrying balls. Mine have yet to arive in the mail. I like to think that mine are tweed patterned, but really I think it’s called “guncheck”.

So, Saturday mornings. We leave our house and walk towards the woods. There is a fence that separates our land from the railway tracks. But if you follow the path you’ll notice that there is a gap in the fence. A small gap. So we cross. This is where the grass gets tall, it gets weedy and there are a few bare bushes to be crossed. So I pick him up and cross these 10 feet with him in my arms. Yesterday when I did this his boot fell off. I didn’t realize till I had reached the clearing after the 10 feet. He kept saying “shoe”. And turning around, there was his lone boot sitting in the grass posing as though ready for a photograph. It would have made a great shot. But I didn’t have my camera.

So, once you cross the grass, weeds and bush you reach another path. This path rungs alongside the tracks. I like to think this path has been there for hundred of years. I like to imagine that we are walking along a very old Native American trail (this imaging is ruined when I look down and see what appears to be tire tracks belonging to some 14 yr old’s ATV). This path is separated from the actual two tracks by bush and a deep ditch dividing the two areas. Kind of like those in zoos that keep tigers at bay. Supposedly.

Yesterday we walked about a third of a mile before we turned back. We were following four ducks that made a turn into the wood ahead. He wanted to go on but then I started hearing what sounded like a dying cat from the trees and thought it better to go back. Next time I think it better that I carry a cane or something. For protection, of course. Or maybe be very 1920s and carry a rifle. That would match my as-yet-not-arrived “guncheck” rain boots.

4 Responses to “Trainspotting.”

  1. HijabMan Says:

    do you take snacks to munch on while spotting the trains on the particular set of tracks?

    What kind?

  2. najia Says:

    No snacks. In fact no food of any kind. We don’t really sit and spot, we walk and spot.

    Thanks for your visit. It’s like when you stick your hand out in space, knowing you’re alone, and then someone grabs it on the other end.

    At least that’s what it’s like for me, when someone responds to my post.

  3. tenny Says:

    i like how we underestimate what kids say. we’re so used to them yelling out whatever they feel or see (which sometimes isn’t relevant or doesn’t constitute an emergency), and sometimes we miss those important things that they’re trying to tell us. i’ve done this a million times. it always makes me laugh tho. in every instance i’ve experienced this, the kid is usually saying that important thing really calmly and while you’re frantically searching for something, they’ve already told you like five times where it was. i like those times. it’s just a reminder that they’re not always talking gibberish.

    does your cell phone work out there? remember, safety first.

  4. najia Says:

    I’m protected – I carry a long umbrella. Burberry of course, so stylish and lethal.

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