Wisdom begins in wonder



I’ve lived in about six countries in my life. This all occurred before I turned eleven. But at age eleven you see the world differently. You don’t necessarily think let me explore this new place and meet it’s people. You think randomness. In Dubai, I was more interested in getting bindis from our driver Das. In Cayman, I tried catching fish with my mom’s leftover chicken karahi. Not quite Indiana Jones.

And now I’m in a strange period in my life. One full of joy but also full of question marks. Raising a newbie requires a lot of time at home. I’ve been at home for what seems like the past year. I was on bedrest for three months. Either way, it gets you thinking.

What the hell do I want to do with my life?

And, for right now at least, I want to strap Mr. Babes onto my back, pack a couple of things and a video camera and set off. I want to live outside the pages of National Geographic. I’m tired of this unsettling feeling.

I want to see the world because I haven’t yet

I want to see the world because I don’t know who I am anymore

I want to see the world to find God

I want to see the world through pure eyes like Razi’s, because mine are too cynical

I want to see the world because I don’t want to be lost.

So, that’s the plan folks. I guess I’ll wait a year for smallbot to grow and then we’re off.

I don’t like 9 to 5s. I don’t like routine. I’m searching for a nameless phantom. I’m chasing away fear.

10 Responses to “Wisdom begins in wonder”

  1. eteraz Says:

    amen. mind if i link to this on my blog?

  2. there’s just the little problem of your man… what will you do with him? or is he coming along for the ride?

  3. najia Says:

    who do you think im going to send the bills to? 🙂

  4. Faraz Says:

    Najia! Only childless teenagers are allowed to be this lost!!

    And I’m only commenting because I felt my non-commenting browsing identity threatened by a previous post.

    Hehehe smallbot…great name for the lil tyke.

  5. najia Says:

    Faraz! I was a teenager like last year. I’m only 24. Eh…

    Having questions and wanting answers doesn’t make me lost, just makes me wonder…ful.?

    I’m going to bother you on your blog now.

  6. loverly of your hubbie to let you go. i reckon stick the lil one with him as well. 🙂

  7. Najia Says:

    didnt even ask hubster. dont think i need to. im sure he’ll meet me some weekends or something. his work wont give him that kind of time off.

    stick lil one with hubchub?? no way. half the fun is seeing new things with smalltot.

  8. oooh ok excellent. i’m liking this new “i dont need to ask my husband” thing 🙂 very new to me… i mean… us ethnics arent used to such things 🙂

    will you be posting pics of your little tyke?

  9. woman, update thy blog already.

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