A hidden treasure is known


I wasn’t feeling very well a little over a month ago, so I went out to sea. I saw a little island alone in the water and docked my dingy on its shore. Or rather, I just jumped into the water and walked onto the shore. And this island was full of amazing things. But the paths were not easy. I walked and walked till I had to crawl and crawl. In the end I found the island’s hidden treasure.

And he was inside me all along.

6 Responses to “A hidden treasure is known”

  1. Aww, beautiful!

    Tell me about your baby. Is it a boy, girl, what’d ya name it? Is he/she frisky. Does he/she look like you?

    Are you excited? elated? Calm and ready? How are you feeling?

    Answer at your leisure. And I’m ON YOUR BLOG ROLL!!!!!!!!! *dance*

  2. najia Says:

    his name is Razi Aftab. Means the Content Sun. Ameer doesn’t think that makes sense, but Aftab was my grandfather so I gave Razi that middle name. Also I loved the book the Alchemist and I like the idea of alchemy. One of the first known alchemists was al-Razi. My grandfather was also a chemist amongst other things.

    I’ll probably do a post about them both some other time.

    where the heck is everyone, how do i get people on this crap?

    guess i’ll have to actually post something.

  3. or tell them you’re back to blogging and leave something on theirs that makes them click your name

    and i dont mean swearing 🙂

    good choice of name, good to see you put some thought in it
    i’m decided on Ayesha and Maryam for any daughters i may one day (inshallah) … too bad about my own name being Maryam.. and for guys… um….. must i have them?

  4. Farzad Says:


    i am sure he will grow up to be a fine punjabi specimen like his father.

  5. Laury Says:

    Ah! I am happy to have discovered your blog! I hope Razi is clever like his father but it would be better if he were smart, beautiful, and sensible like his mother. TabarakAllah!

  6. najia Says:

    thanks farzad – but must i remind you that he is only half poonjab?

    thanks laury – im hoping he surpasses our intellect, sensibility and goodness combined and then some.

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