I see you.


You know you are out there. In fact, you are probably reading this right now. YOU ARE THE NON-COMMENTATOR. No, don’t look behind you. It’s you and you know it’s you. You creep onto various blogs online. Lurking, reading, waiting for god knows what. You slither in and then you silently slither out.

But I know you’re there. Reading, thinking you’re anonymous behind your computer screen. But alas, you are not because I know how many hits my site gets. And frankly, with that number in mind I should really be getting more comments.

So next time, don’t tell me on the phone, don’t look at me in the eye in person and tell me you’ve been on my site. That’s what the comments box is for. Leave a comment! I am dead to you outside this blog.

On a side note – I think I am going into labor.

On a side to that side – if this is you:


or you are familiar with the Kalasha people of Pakistan. Please email me, I am investigating you.

22 Responses to “I see you.”

  1. ameer Says:

    yo mami,

    i always comment. cuz if i didn’t you wouldn’t feed me.

    would you say that the non-commentator, if at hogwarts, would have been in the Slytherin school?

    by the way, where’s your harry potter junk?

  2. najia Says:

    what madness are you spewing!?! i do not even read harry potter. i am much too mature for that!

    but yes, you are the non-non-commentator.

  3. Maryam Says:

    you know i made a comment and when i hit “say it!” it gave me an error jus coz i didnt supply my EMAIL. Well i’d like to say that my email is private! PRIVATE!

    ok i’ll leave it here… 😐

  4. najia Says:

    thanks for the comment?

    you can just make up an email address in the future.

    one i like to use in other people’s comments is shutupfool@yousmell.com.

  5. Maryam Says:

    hey you visited my blog! *yay* does her happy dance

    i like your made up email i may have to invent one like it

    and allow me to point you out as a Non-Commenter, for i see that you visited but that you left no comment… πŸ˜€

    (unelss ofcourse it wasnt you who visited my blog *sniff*)

  6. sophister Says:

    wow that was quite threatening. since i know ameer ill comment.

  7. farzad Says:

    nice blog!

    you are very talented to be in labor and blog at the same time.

  8. najia Says:

    maryam: i did visit your blogness. to comment me thinks you need an msn id? i’ll do that later. im very lazy, even though i have nothing better to do.

    sophister knows ameer? doth i know you?

    and thanks farzad. to be in early labor and blog makes me talented or just very odd.? (dont know if im asking you or telling you so i put a question mark and period)

  9. farzad Says:

    have you seen anchorman?

    i’m ron burgundy.?

  10. Maryam Says:

    Ah see, msn will need to be changed. Yes I think you do need an msn id to put a message up… stupid heads.

    I’ll switch to blogger but then… my “many msn firends” won’t be able to check and comment on it.

    I’m getting kindda interested in your labour/blog pains… You realise I’ll need to be kept up to date on your condition now πŸ™‚ hehehe

    ps: your comments are getting more comments than your actual blog entry!

  11. najia Says:

    farzad – have not seen anchorman pero it is on my on demand i believe. i guess i will watch it.? (are you the farzad who lives in a marsh?)

    maryam – you spell funny. where art thou from?

    will keep all posted on my labor. it comes and goes so im thinking it’s not real yet. i might actually be the first known case of “painless childbirth”. well at least that’s what i tell myself.

    maybe i should forget about having a blog and just have a comments page.

  12. ameer Says:

    yo mami,


    where’s the post for the day.

    are you drinking your water? keep that baby nice and cocooned!

    sophister who are you?

    i have seen ron burgundy. (as a consequence i wear sex panther cologne. it works 100% at least 60% of the time.

    this kalash girl looks like dj tanner.

  13. najia Says:

    and what if i was to say there will be no post for the day? what then mr. ameer?

  14. tenny Says:

    as you know…….. i am being tortured in empirical research methods……… TORTURED, i say, so that’s why i haven’t been reading or commenting lately. i still can’t really comment right now….. i mean i’m commenting to say that i can’t comment, does that count?

    anyway, shek email, loser. it’s juicy! eh…. not really, but it definitely calls for your attention. you GOTTA come in march!!!! you owe it to your muslim bretheren.

  15. ameer Says:

    tenny, what are the topics they are covering at awareness week?

    najia, new post already!

    – the one wearing the pants.

  16. Maryam Says:

    Hey Najia, I live in Oz but am from Pakistan. (did you mean my spelling for labour? Yeah i’m not a Yank :P)

    DO you know i almost wrote “I’m wearing pants” after reading ameer’s comment.


    ok all the best, inshallah your baby and you will be super. Inshallah.


  17. Mohammad Says:

    After you see Anchorman [with the recommendation that you do so whilst ingesting excessive amounts of glucose], you will go through a spell of wanting to name your poor baby “Ron Burgundy?” or…umm…maybe “Applegate”–now where was SHE when Watergate went down, hunh? Somebody needs to find out about that–pronto! And oh! When you’re watching Anchorman, remember not to go into labour. That just wouldn’t do…

  18. tenny Says:

    i actually don’t know what’s going on yet if u mean muslim awareness week. sorry. i’m buried in my own world these days, but if i do hear, i’ll let u know.

    fyi- i was talking to najia about something else. a workshop that my job is doing. the title of the workshop is women, islam, and human rights. has she shared some of the ridiculous details with u yet?

  19. Koonj Says:

    That entry made me feel guilty and furtive πŸ™‚
    I confess – I’m here, and blurking. (steps out of shadows and blushes)

  20. Feisal Naqvi Says:

    I have no idea as to why you are interested in the Kalasha. However, I wrote an article on the Kalash and their rights under international law which contains a fairly detailed history of the Kalash. The article was printed in the Summer 1996 issue of the Indiana Law Journal. Enjoy.

  21. [URL]http://www.musica-latina.anticoit.org[/URL]

  22. Azzurra Says:

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

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